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General Overview

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Colour Collision


Drawer Collection


Grad Thesis 2023

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General Overview

These are the general styles I had worked with. Explore a variety of styles of mine.

Third eyes


Tree of life


God of emotion

Behind the Door

Behind the Door

Carousel traffic light

Carousel traffic light

Lavender Holiday

Lavender Holiday (wine label assignment)

March 8th

March 8th

“Hide” book cover

“Hide” (book cover assignment)

love relationship

love relationship (Wine label assignment)

Film Festival Poster

Film Festival Poster (Poster assignment)



Pictorialization Kant's aesthetic theory

Pictorialization Kant's aesthetic theory (aesthetic assignment)

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The Murder of Art

The Murder of Art

“Sky O'dawn” Book illustration

“Sky O'dawn” Book illustration (vignette assignment)

The Little Prince Chapter 13 Illustration

The Little Prince Chapter 13 Illustration (Single-page illustration)

Colour Collision

Art work with high saturation colouring, a fun colourful collection.

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Untitled_Artwork 4 copy
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Drawer Collection

We all has a drewer with a hole bunch of random collectied items. 


Thesis 2023

This series of illustrations explores the concept of bio-modification and advanced technology. Under the immense backdrop of technological evolution, we celebrate the benefits and convenience of technology brought to life. Meanwhile, It could also threaten ethical issues as the technology evolves.

Passion motive

A partition of neurology affection in enhance the feeling and addiction to their lover.

Third Eyes

The visual sensor chip implanted in human brain to assist them to process information based on what them’d seen.

Surgical Capsules

Capsules that carry micro robot can be transported to the body to operate minimally invasive surgery remotely.

Tree of life

The breeding simulation system, womb simulation. The reproduction of life had done more damage than we thought to the mother’s body. As giving a new form or option for human reproduction

Dream simulation system

This is a gaming system synchronize one's consciousness to their own dream world, allowing players to play in the dream world. In compensate the lack of relaxation time and create an escape space from reality.

Lost and Found Tracker

Memory database for retrace the fragmented memory of the lost items.

Block filter

Who ever you block/ blacklist on social media will automatically blurred in real life.

God of Emotion

People can confess their sins/trouble by talking to the cat God, and the negative energy that has from will be eliminated by the cat God.

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